As well as 6-6 standard sets, dominoes are sold in 9-9 sets.  The highest domino in the 9-9 set is the 9-9 tile. 


As the picture below shows, the 9-9 set has 55 tiles.  10 are doublets and 45 are singlets.   The 9-9 set is a superset of the standard 6-6 set.  The last three rows in the diagram below shows the 27 tiles the 9-9 set adds to the 6-6 set.


To create the 8-8 set required by The Big Game, simply remove the tiles from the 9-9 set that have 9's on their faces.  Thus you remove the 10 tiles in the bottom-most row in this picture.  The result is the 45-tile 8-8 set used in The Big Game.


        A 9-9 Set of Dominoes . . .